A Way to Beat the Summer Heat

What do you do to just get out of the house and away from work to relax?  Even in the long days of summer sometimes you want to do something which frees you from worrying about work, paying bills or maintaining the house.  That’s when I call up Fandango on my smartphone and code in the date for the next film I want to go see.  I don’t have any particular genre or even subject that I prefer.  Instead I just like to look at the screen and let it transport me away from the day-to-day cares of survival.

I also like to take advantage of the cinema’s climate control when it’s abnormally hot in the summer.  And I’ve lost track of the times I went to the theater for the sole purpose of saving on air conditioning bills.  I’d take a Groupon to get a discount on Fandango tickets and drag my whole family along – even when they wailed that they weren’t interested in watching a western or some other film playing at the time.  A bucket of hot buttered popcorn and a large soda would invariably silence the most vocal complainers.  Since Groupon currently offers a promo code promising free tickets to Fandango flicks, I plan to see that I get my family to enjoy them before we get into the real summer dog days.

So the next time you are looking to get a break from working behind your office desk or punching your keyboard I recommend that instead of playing a computer game or streaming some online videos look up Fandango, call in your Groupon promo code to get a discount on tickets to selected films, and punch in your orders for the next showing you want to see.  Then gather everyone together and make your way to the theater.  (We usually rotate the responsibilities – one buys the tickets, somebody else provides the transportation – either driving, bus fare, parking, etc., – and somebody else gets the popcorn and sodas.)  And send someone to get the refreshments.  Then you can settle back and get ready to enjoy a truly relaxing experience.