Change Your Mood from Blue with Blue Light

Staying connected is important during the holiday season.  Many people find it hard to get through the holidays because of a disorder called Seasonal Affective Disorder, more commonly known as SAD.  It is characterized by a change in mood and behavior and is usually brought on by or experienced most during the winter months.  It generally starts in the fall when the days get shorter and darkness comes earlier and will continue until spring.  The disorder affects people in varying degrees of intensity.  Some just notice a mild feeling of sadness, heaviness, and a lack of luster.  Others are so affected they need light therapy to get over it.  There are apps you can use to help you relieve the symptoms of this seasonal depression, and you can buy them once you have a new phone from AT&T.

If fatigue, drowsiness, and hopelessness are getting you down, there are apps that will help you shine a little light on the situation that will work with a smart phone.  If you don’t have a smart phone, search Groupon, because right now, they are offering some great deals on the latest Samsung, Apple, LG and Motorola devices.  There are apps for Android and the iPhone, so the phone you choose is up to you.  The Blue Wave app measures your internal clock and emits light in response to the amount you need in nanometers. (nm).  Once you load the app, you hold your phone near your face for up to half an hour per day.  Then there is the Happy App which helps regulate your circadian rhythm and other disorders.

Loading these apps on your smart phone might offer some relief from this common disorder, and you should ask your doctor or other health care professional for recommendations, referrals, and ways to treat SAD.  No one is sure what causes SAD, but most agree it is triggered by changes in the season and a reduction in daylight.  Even left untreated, the symptoms usually go away once the longer days of spring and summer are back.  Getting through the winter months can be tough when you experience this malady.  But take heart, and look at it this way, you can always make a case for needing a new smart phone this year.