Console Gaming vs App Gaming

Which is better?

Are you the kind of gamer who likes to sit on your phone, chilling and playing a simple game that you can do while half asleep and still win most of the time?

Or do you need a more involved experience with a detailed control scheme, complex mechanics and amazing graphics that take up your entire TV and pretty much all of your attention?

It’d be easy to say there are no right or wrong answers here but, instead, we’ve arranged for consoles and apps to finally have it out in a fully refereed boxing match! On the plus side for mobile, you get a wider selection of games with things like Pokemon Go, Angry Birds and even online gaming sites providing you with an incredible library of games. But with consoles, you get outstanding graphical fidelity and a more involving control scheme that dramatically enhances the experience. Which do you choose?

Let’s see who wins the dust-up and go from there.