Convert videos in lightning speed with Movavi Video Converter

Do you need to convert your videos? It could be that you are planning to send one of your videos to your friend and her device does not support that format. Besides, video conversion is also needed when you have to send your video from laptop to mobile. Small-screened devices are generally limited with memory and they need smaller files. The good thing is you have video converter programs to help you here. If you are looking for suggestions on the best converter, Movavi Video Converter is all that you need here.

So, what’s so great about the Movavi program? Well, here is a brief review on Movavi Video Converter for your convenience.

Movavi Video Converter effortlessly stands out in the market with its lightning-fast conversion speed. The software is powered with SuperSpeed technology that enables the software to convert files as fast as copying with them. This blazing speed single-handedly renders a unique edge to the Movavi product.

One of the best reasons to go for Movavi Video Converter is its guarantee of optimum quality conversion. Yes, the Movavi software assures no compromise of quality when you convert or compress the files. This way, you can be assured of premium quality even when you are converting HD or ultra HD quality videos.

Interestingly, Movavi Video Converter is not just about converting videos. In fact, it is able to work with audio and image files as well. One of the major reasons behind the high end popularity of the Movavi program is its amazing compatibility with all the popular media formats. The program can even  convert into mobile-friendly formats.

Then, added to conversion tasks, Movavi Video Converter is able to help with video editing as well. If you want to modify your video before sending it for conversion- you can do that easily with Movavi Video  Converter. The cutting edge video conversion program is able to crop out unwanted parts, stabilize shaky clips and rotate clips if needed.

Features of Movavi Video Converter

  • Lightning fast conversion speed with no compromise on video quality
  • Supports over 180 media formats and over 200 mobile-friendly presets
  • Works with music and image files too
  • Supports editing functions

Useful tips for users

If you are planning to convert your video for mobile phone, just connect your phone to your computer or laptop before conversion. The Movavi program is powered by intelligent technology that enables it to automatically recognize the format of the mobile phone once you plug the latter into your computer. This way, you won’t need to specify the format manually. The Movavi software will recognize the needed output format on its own and start conversion automatically.