Do You Remember Your Special Coffee Memories with Loved Ones

Coffee is an energy booster which most of us require in the early morning hours. During break from work, we need that coffee sip again so that the clots in our head break and give us immense energy to endure the work pressure. Coffee is not barred even during the leisure time – many of us enjoy that coffee cup/mug while watching a movie or reading a book. Some people even use customized coffee mugs Online as a home decor item that looks quite interesting.

So many thoughts crowd in the mind with the coffee mug in hand when you have practically no work pressure. Reminiscing some of those lovely coffee moments today here in this article so that you also take a tour to your past with caffeine in your blood.

First Date at CCD:

Well, this CCD may vary in many stories and can be replaced by a Barista or a Starbucks or any other local Coffee House. These coffee outlets gave a lovely option to blooming love birds who were tired of the parks and theaters. Most of these coffee shops have something more than what we say filter coffee. The cold coffee, latte, mocha, espresso, and many other versions of coffee along with lip-smacking snacks make this place a wonderful joint to spend that first date. Many people till today feel it safe there. How many of you met your special him/her in such a shop and are still together? Doesn’t matter that person is in your life or not, but that taste of coffee would always linger in your mouth and bring a lovely smile whenever you remember that piece of memory.

First Jamming at College Canteen:

Do you still think that your college canteen had the world’s best coffee? You and your group of friends wanted to play music together and perhaps you people jammed together for the first time in this college canteen with the smell of coffee brewing in the background. Sometimes, when you hear any emotional song on friendship in FM station, silently your mind goes back to that college canteen where there was fun, music, excitement, and love. Call over your friends sometime and enjoy another round of coffee – who knows you may end up creating another soulful song!

Late Night Exam Studies:

In home or in hostel, the late night studies before final exams were always fueled by numerous mugs of coffee. The pressure of the syllabus had to be handled with care and coffee kept us awake. If you find your old report card someday, you are surely going to remember those sleepless coffee nights. The challenge of today must have changed into some excel sheet, word document, and power point presentation but coffee has remained the same with you – always energizing you and keeping you fit for life.

Storytelling Sessions of Grandparents:

While you were kids, you must have enjoyed your lazy summer vacation afternoon or evenings listening to stories from your grandparents. From mythology to novels, real life adventure to fairy tales, many characters came alive in their stories. The lovely smell of coffee that they used to sip all through the story telling sessions actually added a layer of mystery, curiosity, and a lot of love. Do you still remember any of those stories? You can get a personalized coffee mug online with a smiling picture of your grandparents and present to them on their anniversary