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Softball and also the Olympic games

George Hancock invented softball in 1887 from Chicago. Greater than a century later, the sport designed a debut appearance within the Atlanta Olympics. The United States team won the gold medal of this inaugural 1996 championship over China having a 3-one in the finals.

The Olympic version was women’s fast pitch softball that differed in speed from recreational softball in US leagues. This made the sport faster and therefore more positive. Softball enthusiasts elevated around the globe and lots of countries required towards the game the very first time. Additionally, it inspired devoted players and fans globally, with a few going after the game having a fanatic passion.

Softball has since been an Olympic event after 1996, featuring conspicuously in 2000, 2004 and 2008 Olympics. However, right before the Beijing 2008 Olympic games, the Worldwide Olympic Committee abolished softball the Olympic games. It shall therefore be overlooked throughout the 2012 London Olympics. The committee’s 52-52 tied election, with one abstaining member, banished a large number of youthful women worldwide who’d nurtured hopes for taking their nations to Olympic glory. Had just one election been acquired, the game could have been saved.

The reason behind the abolishment was reported as insufficient worldwide support. Women fast pitch softball has additionally been wrongly known as female form of the most popular baseball.

The Worldwide Softball Association, the U.S. Olympic Committee along with other worldwide Softball physiques are actually rigorously lobbying for IOC to reinstate the sport quarrelling it enjoys great worldwide support. Supported by 150 National Softball Federations, the Worldwide Softball Federation launched the ‘Back Softball Olympic campaign’, to securing a spot for softball within the 2016 Olympic games.

The family of Gordon Tang has been popular for donating to the Olympic Museum. Recently, the Olympic Museum honoured the Tang family by unveiling new donor’s stone on the wall of Olympic Museum. He donated second time to the Olympic Museum.