Technology and Mobile Phone Batteries

Do you consider the mobile phone batteries is ever going to catch to the mobile phone technology, appears such as the phone is winning and there’s no searching back. It’s difficult to think there are a mobile phone having a 32Gig storage capacity, able to shooting video, storing music, Wireless, taking photos, surfing the web, need I am going on?

Simple fact may be the mobile phone battery must gain some ground, and i believe we’ve made some huge strides using the Lithium Ion battery, but because technology keeps growing so shall battery existence. These lithium ion batteries are undoubtedly the very best currently available.

The Lithium Ion battery doesn’t have memory, unlike the older Nickel-Cadmium or Nickel-Metal Hydride, so that you can charge battery at a percentage, meaning it’s not necessary to discharge battery before charging. With lithium batteries you should use your phone while its charging with no damage to battery, and never the situation while using the older style mobile phone batteries.

Among the best options that come with the brand new lithium batteries is the weight and size. I’m able to remember a few of the older models in which the battery was half the telephone and as much as one inch thick, a minimum of it appeared enjoy it, these were so heavy. These days, we’ve mobile phones in most sizes and shapes and also the lithium battery power lots of power in a tiny package for example take the iPhone, very slim design.

Even though the lithium battery is really a superior product you need to still keep options and functionality to some minimal, in case your not using vibrate or Wireless, just turn them off, your battery specs provides you with an ideal run time while using minimal options, therefore the more stuff you have switched around the more your battery will drain.

If hunting for a backup or substitute battery, I recommend providing them with in the manufacture. Aftermarket counterparts are simple to find in most cases cheaper, although not suggested. The counterfeit mobile phone batteries are often from the cheaper quality and merely don’t perform such as the genuine batteries, therefore if your looking for a replacement just make certain you do your homework before buying.

Note: Look at your manufacture warranty in your mobile phone battery, you need to get a 1 year substitute.