The right time to invest in Hyderabad real estate is NOW!

The world is witnessing development and the growth of technology at an unprecedented rate. India is no far less in this run for being a developed nation. More and more technologically advanced cities are coming up. More cities being upgraded to urban stature than ever before, then onto the stature of a metropolitan city. It paves the path for setting up of new business hubs and residential centers, thus attracting more and more business tycoons to the city. New employment opportunities are created, and people start migrating to that place for better working and living conditions.

Recently, an international survey concluded that Hyderabad was the best city to live in India. This is the second time that Hyderabad has won this award making it two in a row. The city is undergoing tremendous development to look beyond its hotspots like HITECH city.

The Hyderabad Information Technology and Engineering Consultancy City, also known as HITECH city is an Information Technology, Engineering, Health Informatics, and Bioinformatics campus located in Hyderabad which is spread across 151 acres. This high technology township is also referred to as Cyberabad and is within 2km of the residential and commercial suburb of Jubilee Hills. It is preferred to be the most coveted commercial and residential hub of Hyderabad.

With increased real estate activity and the plans of the government to set up a manufacturing and information technology hub, Hyderabad is undergoing massive development. Anyone aspiring to start his/her real estate business can’t get a better place and better time to start the venture. HITECH City is a posh residential and commercial hub.

The bus service maintained by Telengana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC) run all across Hyderabad and MMTS has installed a station in Hyderabad’s HITEC city. The location provides easy accessibility and connectivity through roads to many of the key places, being at a walkable distance from the area.

The area boasts some top class schools, colleges, residential complexes, hospitals, and malls attracting more and more people each year. The very attractiveness of the city has led to all kinds of unplanned construction of buildings, and the traffic has also become dull. The locality has its aura and is quite civilized, thus creating a better place to stay. With more and more residents coming in, the commercial stature of the area has also come up. The surge in the population heading towards HITECH and its nearest suburbs is straining the available resources. Government infrastructures are proving inadequate, and the resident’s pocket is taking hit. People, who have invested their property in and around HITECH City, are seeing its value multiply. Having created so many job opportunities, HITECH creates the constant demand for residential development thus proving that this can be the best place for anyone, to try their luck on real estate activity. Visit this page to read more about the Hyderabad real estate industry.

With time, Western Hyderabad has grown as a residential and commercial destination due to growth in the IT sector and service professionals continuously inhabiting this part of the city. The area provides perks like Affordable prices, the presence of IT companies, Special economic zones (SEZs) and availability of commercial space thus leading this region to become a popular residential destination.

In essence, there hasn’t been a better time to either invest or sell real estate in Hyderabad. Since the state has displayed itself as the hub of modern developments. With various multinational companies eyeing to invest in Hyderabad it’s sure that the land prices will go up tremendously in coming years. Acres upon acres are now being sold and bought in Hyderabad at any given time. The inclusion of high standard healthcare and educational institutions have also increased the land value in Hyderabad.